Reflection on Spiritual Emphasis Day

March 24, 2021 Gloria Kim 0

Although a week has passed since the long-awaited Spiritual Emphasis Day, its impact on our school body has continued. I was able to have the privilege to hear a number of personal thoughts from my peers.  What […]

NCA Spiritual Emphasis Day

March 8, 2021 Gloria Kim 0

NCA continues its yearly tradition of Spiritual Emphasis Day on March 12, a time greatly anticipated by many. Every year, the school is blessed with an opportunity to grow closer to God and with other brothers and […]

High Schoolers’ Advice

March 7, 2021 Julia Holsinger 0

High school students have learned a lot about classes, life, and relationships throughout their time at NCAI. Some of them were willing to share their best advice with you all. Enjoy! “Do your homework.” – Kevin McKay […]