The NCA Eagle Eye was started in 2015 as an effort to inform Nicaragua Christian Academy students. Its main purpose as a group of editors, photojournalists, contributors, and web designers is to provide for the community three things:

  1. A creative outlet for students to explore the world of journalism in preparation for college and career
  2. A safe way for students and teachers to respectfully express their thoughts/opinions about topics relevant to the NCA community
  3. A legitimate place for readers to respond to what they read in previous issues in a professional manner worthy of publishing.

If you are an NCA student, teacher, or parent and are interested in publishing an article concerning a relevant topic, submissions can be sent to eagle.eye@nca.edu.ni!

We have a few guidelines, however, to ensure the safety of our readers and the integrity and legitimacy of the Eagle Eye. Content must be:

  1. reviewed and processed by several other staff before publishing
  2. free from potentially harmful subject matter (gossip, explicit material, etc.)
  3. constructive (see Romans 14-15)
  4.  professionally written and not accusing or offensive in tone

These rules may be reviewed and altered as seen fit by the administration but stand as representations of the principles outlined in the NCA mission statement (spiritual discernment, moral and academic excellence).

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