Life 101 by Luz Lainez

February 23, 2021 Julia Holsinger 0

Plays at NCA are not as common as musicals; nevertheless, they are just as intriguing. Life 101 is a play created by Willyn Webb along with some lines and scenes added by the directors of the play […]

COVID Christmas by Luz Lainez

December 21, 2020 Julia Holsinger 0

2020 is coming to an end and a new year is upon us which means the holidays are near. However, the whole world is still dealing with a pandemic. This year’s annual traditions may not look the […]

Learning From a Distance

October 18, 2020 Julia Holsinger 0

2020 has been a rather complicated year to say the least. With the spread of a worldwide virus and various disasters affecting different regions, there has been little about which to be calm. However, God has remained […]

Eating Disorders and the Media

By Julia Holsinger Can you believe that twenty years ago, female fashion models weighed 8% less than the average woman? Surprisingly, that percentage has almost tripled in today’s fashion industry (Oakes).  Current public broadcasts of the ideal […]