High Schoolers’ Advice

High school students have learned a lot about classes, life, and relationships throughout their time at NCAI. Some of them were willing to share their best advice with you all. Enjoy!

“Do your homework.” – Kevin McKay

“Don’t copy homework.” – Gabriel Gomez

“Go to sleep.” – Cecilia Kim

“Be thankful. Magnify Christ through thanksgiving.” 

“(from Matthew 16:25) For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

“Don’t waste your high school career with grumbling and malcontent.” 

“Look for scholarships in advance and organize them to do throughout senior year.” – Kaleb Doutt

“Instead of AP classes, do dual-enrollment with an online college.” – Crystal Hernandez

“Do your best. Sometimes you get bad grades, but you can always learn from them.” – Bryan Sandahl

“Better grades allow you to get better scholarships.” – Fernando Munguia

“Sometimes the hardest part is just opening your backpack and getting out your books; you just gotta do it.” He elaborated on the idea that you just need to start sometimes, break through the overwhelming part and just begin. You’ll be much more relieved and feel proud when you finish. – Cohen Boone

“Do your homework at home. Don’t wait until the last minute. Study at home.” – Diego Saldaña

“Pay attention in class and be respectful of other people. Do to others as you would have them do to you.” – Frank Muñoz

“Don’t be stressed about applying to college. It’s not as bad as people say.” – Sophie Lindhout


“Get to know Jesus.” – Mrs. Stuebner

As a senior graduating in just a few months, I’ve recognized a lot of truths that eluded me in the past. The primary issue I would address is stress. I stressed about my grades all throughout middle school and high school, up to the point where I would have breakdowns, worsen my mood, and feel mentally tired all the time. 

While it is great to do your best, grades don’t define you, and they don’t define your future. Trusting God and understanding that He has a plan for me was incredibly difficult over my high school career, but I’ve found the greatest peace and joy in it recently. 

Secondly, get to know the people around you. Don’t hold grudges. Don’t stay angry. Come out of your shell. There are so many beautiful people to meet and incredible experiences to encounter when we take the time to recognize them.

Take advantage of the opportunities at school to get involved. Some of my best memories are on the sports teams, in musicals, and leadership opportunities offered here at NCA. I’ve become friends with people I never thought I would get along with. Take advantage of this community while you can. 

Thirdly, know that the teachers and staff truly care about you. I know entering middle school or high school can be overwhelming and difficult, but they want you to succeed and find joy in your education, and they’re willing to take the time to help you. Never hesitate to ask if you have a question.

This leads me to another point. Don’t be ashamed. Of asking questions. Of being bold. Of pursuing your goals. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve felt embarrassed because I didn’t understand something or had to stand in front of a large group of people. Trust me, in the end, you’ll look back fondly on those experiences and recognize how much you’ve grown and learned. There is beauty in the uncomfortable.

In terms of more concrete school stuff, get to know how your teachers work. Study patterns in their tests, quizzes, and grading. Take notes to understand, not just to get it over with. Make learning fun. Create a Kahoot, doodle relevant pictures, use mnemonic devices. I personally love using different colored pens and connecting ideas or creating acrostics with the first letter of sentences in a list I need to memorize.

For college, use CommonApps if they have your college. Do your applications sooner rather than later. Ask for recommendation letters early before all the seniors are trying to get them at the same time. Research colleges over the summer before your senior year. Don’t give in to senioritis. Make a list of scholarships for college and organize with the due dates so you don’t miss any. Take advantage of Khan Academy for SAT prep if you haven’t taken it yet. 

Senior year, or any year in high school, can be incredibly stressful and uncertain. Take your free time and use it productively to reduce that stress and feel more prepared. 

You guys are amazing!! Don’t forget it!