High Schoolers’ Advice

March 7, 2021 Julia Holsinger 0

High school students have learned a lot about classes, life, and relationships throughout their time at NCAI. Some of them were willing to share their best advice with you all. Enjoy! “Do your homework.” – Kevin McKay […]

Learning From a Distance

October 18, 2020 Julia Holsinger 0

2020 has been a rather complicated year to say the least. With the spread of a worldwide virus and various disasters affecting different regions, there has been little about which to be calm. However, God has remained […]

StuCo Elections: A Popularity Contest?

March 9, 2020 Julia Holsinger 0

By: Julia Holsinger Student Councils extend throughout the world in schools all over the globe. Whether by the name Student Senate or Student Government, or any other title, their responsibility is to become the medium through which […]