NCA Spiritual Emphasis Day

NCA continues its yearly tradition of Spiritual Emphasis Day on March 12, a time greatly anticipated by many. Every year, the school is blessed with an opportunity to grow closer to God and with other brothers and sisters in Christ through a variety of creative workshops held by different speakers. These seminars span over a list of topics, from considerate advice for life after high school to deep discussions on our roots in Christ. Here is a preview on a few of the other workshops we are looking forward to:

  • Harp & Bowl (Wendy Gomez)- NCA always offers a worship session on this day; however, this particular seminar takes on a unique theme. While praising the Lord, students are encouraged to express themselves with music, journaling, painting, or simply being still.
  • Collect 20 Cordobas to Count the Cost (Ken Doutt)- This new session explores what it means to be a true follower of Christ in all circumstances, the good and the bad.
  • Caught Between Worlds: Life as a Third Culture Kid (Erika Turner)- All students can relate to the experiences of a mixture of cultures simply by attending NCA. What does it mean to navigate this life when you are feeling stuck?

Spiritual Emphasis Day offers this miscellany of seminars to motivate individuals to have a Christian mindset on events that are not usually associated with God, such as responsibility, conflict, and relationships. We are asked to interact and communicate with Him to see how He has truly impacted our lives in ways that are not always clear to us. Such a devoted period of time can help us stop to take a second and directly assess where we are at with the Lord, or even encourage us to take that first step towards Him. So although this special event is for only a day, know that changes will take place in you that will last a lifetime.