Reflection on Spiritual Emphasis Day

Although a week has passed since the long-awaited Spiritual Emphasis Day, its impact on our school body has continued. I was able to have the privilege to hear a number of personal thoughts from my peers. 

What was your favorite part about Spiritual Emphasis Day?

  • I think the worship and the message of hope in the sense of trusting God were the highlights. – Alyssa Hernandez
  • I enjoyed the different sessions, the effort that the worship team put into praise, and the ice cream at the end. – Ha Young Kim

Which session was your personal favorite and why?

  • The games at the end. But, seriously, probably Expectations vs. Reality by Genid Silva. As a future senior, hearing her story gave me an idea of what the future could hold for me. It also put a lot of things into perspective. We only have 3 months before we become seniors and this session helped me realize that. Time is going by way too fast. It also served as a sort of wake up call, like don’t expect everything will go to plan. Expect the unexpected, basically. – Diego Oliver
  • Mr. Lang’s session was one of the easiest to understand and I could relate to it a lot. – Daniel Kim

What is one thing the school should take into consideration for next year?

  • There should be more time for the message so that they can use the aid of physical demonstrations, life stories, and maybe even videos to help get their point across better and relate the message more for each individual person. Sessions were great though. – Kaden Uhl

Did Spiritual Emphasis Day meet your expectations?

  • I felt like Spiritual Emphasis Day met my expectations when it came to the different sessions that were offered. I think there was a great variety and that people were able to find one or several that were very meaningful to them. – Sophie Lindhout

I see the Spiritual Emphasis Day of 2021 as one of change. The sessions that were offered, our speaker, and our schedule were all new and unique. The morning service gave students a chance to build excitement for the rest of the day as well as reflect on their relationship with God. Each seminar, notably longer compared to previous years, expressed their own message. I especially enjoyed the worship session because it gave students a chance to praise in their own way, whether that be through singing, painting, or just listening to the music. It offered a fresh perspective that I had never realized before, that we are allowed to take life on at our own pace. There is something freeing about trusting your will and embracing your intuitions without comparing yourself to others. I hope that everyone has also found their version of change through Spiritual Emphasis Day that can inspire them even after the event.