Spirit Week!!!

During October 2 to October 6, everyone enjoyed wearing cool outfits instead of uniforms. The themes from Monday to Friday were pajama day, crazy hair day, meme day, same color day, and class shirt day. At the end of school on Friday, Student Council was supposed to reveal the winners of best outfits and class shirts. According to Alison Lezcano, the vocal of the Student Council (StuCo), they “choose the dress up days depending on what students have liked in the past, but final decisions were done after the vote of class representatives and their suggestions.” This is also how they selected the best outfits. Unfortunately, school on Friday was canceled because of the upcoming tropical storm, which left the Spirit Week unfinished.

A short interview about the Spirit Week to Emma McWhorter, the class representative of juniors:

Q: Did you enjoy spirit week?

A: Yeah I liked it.

Q: Which one is your favorite day?

A: Pajama day.

Q: What do you think about not being able to wear class shirt on Friday?

A: It was a bummer, but we don’t have school so it’s good.

Photo credits:

featured image: drawn by Bella Tsao

image below: Amada Gonzales

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