The Dance



A man now stands all alone by the door                   

His heart aches, watching the girl he adores            

Love never seemed to come for him now                 

A sparkling pink dress, she wears tonight                 

He starts to smile as he now sees her dance            

All suddenly he remembers “no chance!”                  


Her smile now lights the whole room, full of beauty     

He moves back always thinking “what a cutie!”           

He sits with the mates, drinking champagne                

He tells them every story about him                             

Including bad jokes about his best friend                      

The more he talked, worst it got in the end                  


He saw back across the room, she now talked             

With him she was all night each hour he stalked           

She seemed to glide around the dark hall                   

His life is going nowhere tonight                                   

Til’ miracles came by, she fought and wept                   

Boyfriend no more, will she say every accept?             


“The dance! The dance!”, the public celebration            

Of hidden romance, the beat sensation                          

“Would you like to dance?” the words blurred out now   

“Yes!” she said, his activity, the dance                             

He might have lost his friend today because of his fate   

But he does now, he today got a soul mate     


By: Ange Martinez  


featured image:Medium Shoot Of A Romantic Couple Dancing In Meadow At Sunset …

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