NCAI’s Business Entrepreneurship Club Takes Flight!

We are thrilled to introduce NCAI’s newest addition: the Business Entrepreneurship Club! This club was formed with several key objectives in mind. First and foremost, it aims to provide students interested in business with an opportunity to learn and develop valuable skills for their future. Secondly, it offers students the opportunity to pursue projects like entrepreneurship, where they can create something based on their own interests. Lastly, it presents an avenue for students to gain practical experience and earn money, a valuable pursuit, especially for minors in a developing country.

Allow us to introduce the dedicated members of the Business Club: Cristiana Hernadez, Miriam Diaz, Alexia Lacayo, Raquel Maeda, Debora Hernandez, Rolando Vado, Ha Young Kim, Juan Diego Guerrero, Josias Orozco, Matthew Bachert, Maria Renee, Sofia Santamaria, Hye Jin Lee, Daniel Maeda, Marlon Morales, and Micah Uhl. Mr. Link is the advisor; Maria Alejandra Garcete is the director of the club.

So, what exactly does the Business Club do?

The Business Club convenes every Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 3:45 p.m. On the first Friday of each month, members are encouraged to focus on their personal projects – projects that they are passionate about. This environment provides motivation and accountability for all members. During this time, members engage in discussions, ask questions, and seek guidance from their peers, Mr. Link, or Maria Alejandra. On the following Friday, all the Business Club members collaborate on projects to improve the school community and organize enjoyable events.

Is there a structured system of how it works?

Absolutely! Within the club, different roles are designated for group projects. These roles include two administrators, secretaries, marketing specialists, and financial coordinators. The two administrators choose projects of their interest, while other members are in charge of their assigned responsibilities. After each project, roles rotate among members, providing everyone with an opportunity to explore and develop a diverse set of skills for their future.

Where does all the money go?

The earnings from each individual during their own personal entrepreneurship project are intended for personal use. However, money that is made in an event will be reinvested for the next event, making sure no losses are made. At the end of the school year, Business Club will donate their profits to an organization or for charitable purposes. We hope to encourage and challenge the next Business Club to also start from scratch and build on by investing enough money.

What about special events?

Business club started its first event by organizing a raffle for ‘The Sound of Freedom’ movie tickets. This initiative not only encouraged the community to watch the movie but also shed light on global issues that demand our attention. During Parent Teacher Conferences, the Sugar Rush Bake Sale was held to sell delicious baked goods to students and their parents. This event served the social objective of motivating and inspiring high school student.

Lastly, Maria Alejandra has some heartfelt words to share:

“Thank you to everyone who has supported and believed in this club. Thank you to all the members who became a part of the club from the moment it was presented. Yes, it takes time and effort, but soon what we have planted will bear fruit. Thank you, Mr. Link, Mr. Kamps and Mr. Star for being open to my idea since the start. I have no doubt that what we learn in the club (both with our personal and group projects) will help us in our futures.

Many times society will encourage people to stay where they are and remain there, but each of us possesses unique gifts from God that can help us achieve what we once considered unimaginable. The members and I are excited to bring you new projects and events that will impact the school community.”

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