HACIA Democracy

What is HACIA Democracy? This is an annual conference that takes place in different Latin American countries where it simulates the proceedings of the Organization of American States (OAS). This conference is exclusively for high school students who are interested in debating and democratic advancements. HACIA Democracy staff focuses on topics that have been affecting countries in the Western Hemisphere.

What is appealing about this conference is not only the opportunity to debate about ongoing problems but also that it is organized by Harvard University. Its staff and administration is completely composed of Harvard undergraduates. 

This year, eight of our NCA International students had an opportunity to experience HACIA Democracy. Some went as a double-delegation or prepared themselves to debate without a partner. Even though our school received the invitation for this conference way later than other schools, these students worked hard and tried their best.

We would like to congratulate Maria Alejandra Garcete and Caleb Starkenburg for winning third place (Honorable Mention) and Grace Largaespada for winning fourth place (Honorable Mention) in their respective committees. 

Good job to all of the students and thank you for representing our school!

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