January Recap

Mr. Bachert speaking at S.E.D.

Hello student body! A new year has started and the first month is already gone! January was a great month to kick off the school year; there was a perfect balance between events that made the new year fun without it being an underwhelming amount. 

The year started with the fun of dressing up for class pictures and receiving report cards from the previous semester. Also, the NCA basketball teams are getting ready for their season with open gym, tryouts and their first games! 

Later on in the month, students got to spend their time praising the Lord through Spiritual Emphasis Day (SED). SED opens up a door for high school students to come together for three days and learn more about Christ, applicable topics for a person’s life and worship. This year Mr. Mark Bachert spoke to our highschool students about Forgiveness and steps to take to forgive someone. We also had John Liley and his band come down, including his daughter Evie, for an amazing time of worship. This included worship in chapel, a session to learn more about worship and an Amplify with this amazing band.

This year will be full of good news and blessings so let’s be strong and do our best in everything we do. Just remember to take one day at a time. Let’s see what February has in store for us, see you next time! 

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