Miss Comstock Interview

Can you introduce yourself to the NCAI community?

  • My name is Miss Comstock, I am 22 years old, and I moved here from Illinois. I went to school in Chicago at a college called Moody Bible Institute. I majored in Biblical Studies and in Intercultural Ministries. I also had an interdisciplinary secondary education. At NCA, I work as a secondary Bible teacher and I also teach a math class.

You were at NCA last year as a student teacher, so what made you come back as an official teacher? 

  • I was thinking of it while I was student teaching, knowing that I would be graduating soon. I kept thinking and praying about where God wanted me to go. I actually didn’t know I was going to come back until I went back to college. When I went back, I kept praying and God made it very clear through a pastor, some friends, and through prayer that He wanted me to come back to NCA.

Do you have a goal you wish to accomplish this school year?

  • Well, you (my students) are my goal. The reason I am here is to love you guys and to share Christ with you. I want to help you guys grow in your faith, help you guys learn more about who God is and who you are to Him. If you are changed and you bless others because of that, I have accomplished my goal. So you guys are my goal.

What has been your favorite memory at NCA?

  • I wouldn’t say I have one specific favorite memory but rather everytime a student opens up and shows they are trying to relate to Christ. Sometimes that happens during class, during discussions or they come to my classroom during lunch or after school. Just seeing you guys seeking Christ is my favorite thing. When I’m teaching and I see your eyes light up or when you are so focused, I know that God is changing you and reaching out to you. Sometimes, people tell me specifically how God is speaking to them or how He is changing them or how He is being there for them; now those moments are really special to me. 

If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

  • I know I can’t say everywhere, but I think it would be cool if I could visit at least one country in every continent, including Antarctica, just so I can see every continent. Also, fun fact, my great grandfather did research in Antarctica way back in the 1900s.

If someone gives you an elephant, and you can’t sell it or give it away, what would you do with it?

  • I would ride it to school every single day. Maybe I could leave it in the soccer field or I could park it in between a couple of cars in the high school parking lot or outside my classroom. I would ride it to any place I possibly could.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the NCAI community?

  • I look forward to getting to know everybody better and I am excited about where this goes!
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