The Next Year

Congratulations to the NCA student body for making it through an especially eventful year! Although we started it behind computer screens, only virtually connected, we have progressed to a state where classes, as well as many special events, are now physically present. That is a big change, one that I am sure we have all struggled with. However, it also means we are better prepared for our transition to the next school year, which will have many positive developments not just for the students, but for the whole NCA community.

I had the pleasure of asking several questions to Mr. Starkenburg, the Director, about possible aspects that we can be excited for in the future.

1. Is there any special change or transition that we can look forward to?

There will be two big changes next school year. First of all, we will have a new high school principal, Mr. Kamps. I am excited about having someone who is qualified, excited and ready to take Mrs. Hall’s position after 14 years of excellent leadership from Mrs. Hall, even though we will greatly miss her!

The second big change is that we are building a new large covered multi-purpose athletics area where the upper basketball courts used to be. This building is similar in size and design to the Eagle Center (but without the stage and other rooms). If everything goes according to schedule, the construction should be done by the time we start the next school year.

2. Will there be any additional electives, clubs, events, or teachers who may be starting in the future?

We hope to have a lot of new elective class options for students next year. We also hope that we will be able to resume some of the clubs and events that were suspended due to Covid. Even though health protocols will not be gone, we hope that there will be more flexibility for more activities.

3. Is there anything in particular that the school wishes to improve on for the coming year?

During the next five years, we are working on five goals to improve our school. Two of these goals are related to reviewing and improving curriculum, including Technology, Health, Language Arts, Spanish, Math, Science, and possibly Physical Education, Bible, Music or Art.

A third goal is to develop and implement a school-wide program to teach and disciple students to build biblically-based relationships, have caring interactions, and resolve conflicts with others.

The fourth goal is to improve teacher recruitment, retention and personal development, so that we can continue to fill our teaching positions with qualified teachers who are well-integrated into our community, relate well with our students, and who stay at our school for a long time.
The last goal is to provide a clear and succinct list of student expected outcomes that the school has established for its students, and integrate these goals for students throughout our school programs.

As demonstrated in Mr. Starkenburg’s responses, NCAI has a great plan that will be implemented to benefit not just academic classes, but the events, staff, structure, and relationships that play a large part in what shapes our school experiences. While change can be sad due to goodbyes, it also signifies a chance to improve upon the present and anticipate the future.