Meet Your Seniors by Daniella Morales

Branden Faber
Branden was born in Luverne, Minnesota on the last day of February, which he sometimes likes to joke is the 29th, in the year 2002 but he lived most of his childhood in South Dakota. He began to attend NCA his freshmen year and the impact he has made the past four years is quite incredible. Not only does he brighten your day with his contagious smile and joyous attitude but he is one of the sweetest people you may ever meet. It is for that reason that he makes an incredible Thrive Leader, although he may not always agree with that statement. Branden is full of talent, from the art of juggling (even when the objects are on fire) to having the ability to make very smooth basketball shots. Faber, as most people call him, wants to study Physical Therapy at Regent University in Virginia or any college that offers him the most money. He wishes for a big family, and he is rooting for the names Kyle and Winter for his children.
This guy is an amazing person and gives free hugs on Tuesday, so next time you see him wearing his black senior shirt don’t let up the opportunity to hug him. As you see him around, don’t forget to remind him that potatoes are the superior vegetable and that the school wouldn’t be the same without him, it is very probable that he will disagree with both. He is a great friend and a person that is loved by all, so give him a smile and become his friend, you won’t regret it.