Is solving the Rubik’s cube hard? by Ana Kassandra Rugama

Is solving the Rubik’s cube hard?

Well if you do think that it is hard you’ll be pleased to know that a 3×3 or a Rubik’s cube can be solved in twenty moves. Even if the cube is scrambled in any way it is still possible to solve it in twenty moves. These twenty moves are known as god’s number. You may think that it is impossible and that what I’m saying is simply not true well, mathematicians have proved that it is indeed possible. But don’t expect to just be able to solve the cube right off the bat, you’re gonna have to learn different types of moves, better known as algorithms, that will help you in solving the cube. Well now to answer the real question, is solving the Rubik’s cube really that hard?… Well not really. It may be challenging but you won’t need more than a little brain power that has been proved from time to time that we all have. You’ll also need dedication and practice and this when solving the cube it will just come naturally if you really like it. If you wanna learn how to solve the cube there are around 915,000 search results just if you type in “how to solve the Rubik’s cube” on Google. If you are more of a visual learner, well there is also Youtube so there is really no excuse to not learning how to solve it because there are enough resources. So next time you say that solving the Rubik’s cube is hard well you’re wrong because it really isn’t.