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Something that a lot of people do not know is that our school currently has some published authors. I decided to have a short interview with two of our very talented writers so they could tell us a little bit about their books, and also why you should definitely check them out.

Interview with Mrs. Vilchez: El Código De La Iglesia Cristiana

  • Nos podría contar un poco sobre qué trata su libro.
    • El subtítulo es Estrategias de imagen, etiqueta y protocolo para la iglesia cristiana, pretende enseñar a la iglesia como modelar una congregación que inspire a otros a llegar, a confiar, y a quedarse. Este libro ayuda a generar una percepción coherente entre lo que se dice en la iglesia y lo que se hace. Todo lo que hacemos comunica, y si la iglesia está consciente de esto entonces van a actuar cuidadosamente y así comunicar positivamente. 
  • ¿Qué la inspiró a escribir este libro?
    • Este libro fue un llamado de Dios en respuesta a mis conocimientos profesionales. Sobre todo, Dios me motivó a escribir , y que usara esos conocimientos para priorizar la iglesia.
  • ¿Algun ultimo comentario?
    • Yo tengo una frase que digo mucho -El conocimiento es poder, siempre que se ponga en acción- El conocimiento sólo puede actuar cuando este se pone en acción. Lo más importante es que en mi opinión la iglesia se debería de modelar en un estilo que pueda motivar e inspirar a la gente.

Interview with Mr. Link: Angel From the Rust

  • Can you tell us what your book is about?
    • The tagline is: In a distant future, Earth civilization has become medieval and the technology of the past is now feared as forbidden magic. In this dystopian world, a young musician on the run from the law discovers her impossible destiny. She must dethrone a murderer fallen from the heavens who has bewitched an entire city into thinking he is a god.
  • What inspired you to write this book?
    • It started out with a question: What if our earth turned into a fantasy world? For this to be plausible, three main things needed to happen. The first was society sinking into the deep ages, the second was the development of a magic system, and the third was the creation of mythical creatures. The way that I thought all this could happen was a World War event, it was what made the most sense. Civilization would collapse, animals from biological experiments would become fantastical creatures, and the magic would be the long forgotten technology. So all of it stems from that question.
  • Why should people read your book?
    • I am very proud of my work and writing. I have worked on it for a very long time. Lots of people have edited it and worked on it, and it has overall received good reviews and praise. It has a very valuable lesson about family, especially for teenagers. 
  • Any closing comments?
    • The book comes out in January 2023, I would appreciate it if you read it.
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