What A Night!

Antonella Vílchez

Banquet 2022

During late April, the much anticipated event of the year took place on our school grounds. The Banquet. Months of preparation resulted in a whimsical and magical night. The High School Student Council was able to transform the spacious gym into an Enchanted Forest that was unforgettable!

STUCO paid attention to every single detail when decorating the Eagle Center for this awaited evening. Students from grades nine to twelve dressed up and had a blast! There was catered food, music, dancing, and a variety of games. Additionally, decoration-related riddles were set at the tables where students could solve them and get a prize. Since the answers to the riddles were linked to the decorations, students could find the designated element around the gym and find a pouch full of Dum-Dums at the indicated decor. What a sweet surprise! STUCO and class representatives organized a game of jeopardy that joined tables to work together to come up with an answer. Certainly, it was a memorable experience to both those who attended for the first time and those who had gone the previous years.

Thank you High School STUCO, NCA maintenance, all class representatives, and chaperons for giving our student body an amazing night!