New Year, New Opportunities by Luz Lainez

This school year has been quite different from anything the NCA community has experienced before. When COVID-19 hit, our school closed for a quarter and a half, and online school was implemented as an alternative. However, currently, it is the start of the school year and NCA has adapted fairly quickly to the new campus environment. Health guidelines have been placed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 for people on campus, and there is also an option for people that cannot attend school, which is online. Social distance is being enforced throughout the whole school day along with using a proper mask. Despite the challenges that come with this new school year, there are still lots of events in which the student body can participate such as:

-Photography Club:

This club was implemented this school year and is led by one of the English teachers, Mrs. Uhl. The club will consist of meetings every Monday during break, and the members will have to complete photo challenges. They will spend the week at school or at home completing the challenge. These photo challenges will be things like playing with light, point of view, portraits, landscapes, etc. Some of the photos will be uploaded to their Instagram account. According to Mrs. Uhl, she is not a photographer, but she wanted there to be a place for students who have a passion for photography to come together and learn from each other and express their talents.

-Club Chiqui Practices:

Along with the photography club, this club was also implemented officially this school year. The leader is Mr. Saballos, the current elementary P.E. teacher. This club is meant for people that are interested in staying active and fit along with those that have a passion or desire to play soccer. During the month of September, practices will be at the Connect Ministry only 3-5 minutes away from NCA. It will consist of soccer drills, workout drills, and games every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-5:00 pm. However, to participate there is a fee of 20 dollars per month.

-Soccer Intramurals:

Soccer intramurals have been an annual tradition at NCA, and luckily this was one thing that did not change this year. Even though it is too late to register for the intramurals, it does not mean one cannot still participate. For example, one can stay after school to watch the games and cheer for one’s favorite teams. Nevertheless, health precautions are still enforced during extracurriculars. If students do not want to stay after school, they can also be updated on who is currently in the lead. 

-Student Council Events:

Unfortunately, some of the year’s events had to be canceled and postponed until further notice, such as the tape game, spirit week, and the banquet. This has caused the student council to create new events with proper COVID-19 guidelines along with being accessible for people online to participate. One example would be the art competition. Its theme was pop culture and the winner, Lina Ruth, won 30 dollars. According to Kaden Uhl, the vice president, they are planning for more online events, such as a webinar, a cooking blog, and Livestream, or a video game competition. Nonetheless, this is all theoretical and has not yet been approved by the administration. 

Even though this year has turned out to be nothing like we expected, I encourage you to participate in these events that are such precious opportunities.