Meet the Class of Seniors of 2020

Alison Gonzalez 

        This senior has been in NCAI since the seventh grade. She has shown her potential intellectually by participating in HACIA Democracy and athletically by being on the volleyball team. Although many people assume she is quiet and shy, Alison has shown to many people her ability to cheer them up and being the person they can go to if they need help, which is perfect for the field she wants to go into. An interview was held with her and these are the answers she provided about her future.

Q: What do you want to study once you graduate NCAI? 

A: I want to study clinical psychology which is a branch of psychology that deals with the treatment of mental illness. I would like to specialize in the study of autism so I can help the people that deal with it realize that they are capable of doing the same things that any other “normal” person would and better even. Also bring awareness to people that aren’t very familiar with it. 

Q: Where do you want to study? 

A: I want to study abroad, preferably in the US. I haven’t picked a college yet but my top choice is LSU. After graduating I want to come back to Nicaragua and live here. 

Q: What have been your favorite things about NCA? 

A: My favorite thing about NCA… probably the opportunity that they give to help the community through the service field trips and things like Leamos. 

Q: Any interesting facts you would like to share? 

A: And some interesting things about me . I like to read and draw. One day I would like to write a fiction novel. Also, I was born in Managua but at 6 years old I moved to Russia and lived there for 2 years. I can’t speak Russian, I just know some words and simple sentences. After that I lived in Costa Rica for 4 years until I moved back here. 

      Overall, Alison is a person that you can always count on no matter what and one of the most honest people out there. Although she is not the type of person to be very extroverted, she will always make her presence known with love and laughter. So if caring and honest is what you are looking for in a person, Alison fits that description perfectly.