A Peace Treaty With Earth


By: Lucia Garcia


Through many years, our planet has been affected by several problems regarding waste, pollution, and contamination. Although it may not seem alarming, it is extremely important that we, as good stewards of the earth, take care of it. Nowadays, oceans have an extreme amount of plastic due to the irresponsible and illegal waste dumping. Many bodies of water are being contaminated with dangerous substances that make the water unusable. In concentrated urban areas, air pollution has also become a major problem, not only affecting the city, but also severely affecting the health of its citizens.

Another important factor of the environment are the ecosystems sustained by animals and plants; without them, we might not be able to eat nor obtain our energy. There are many ways in which we could take care of them as well as our bodies. When we plant our own food, it allows us to learn about nature but also there is also the opportunity to obtain chemical-free and organic food that will make you look and feel great. The same idea applies to animals, not necessarily raising them to eat them, but being more conscious of the food we get into our bodies. Nowadays, many types of meat contain cancerous substances such as growth hormones that make animals look bigger than their genes allow it.


It is true that economic progress is relevant for the development of our nations, therefore, we must practice it with a conscious mind. From great companies to small businesses, they can join this desire to help the earth. And don’t get me wrong, it is not necessary to have a company in order to be friendly to the environment. Small actions such as throwing away your trash in the right place or refusing to use disposable plastic items can bring great change. Other ways in which you can be kind to earth would include avoiding the use of excessive plastic, recycling items such as glass jars, plastic bottles and paper. These are simple and easy ways in which people can even glorify God, by honoring him and taking care of his wonderful creation.