The Investigation by Kaleb Doutt

The Investigation

Witness #1: Well, it all began back in ‘09 when they first met in prison.


Witness #2: Once we left that day, which I can still remember clearly – it was a rather special day – we began making plans.


Witness #3: We first met up at that aquatic-themed restaurant across the street from Pitta Pan, called Frying Nemo.


Witness #1: I always knew they were planning something, but since it took ten whole years I had kind of forgotten about it.


Witness #2: On the night of, I think we both knew exactly how it was really going to go down.


Witness #3: We grabbed some seats outside under those umbrella-tables, and I asked the waiter for some cold H2O, because believe it or not rebranding water actually does make it taste better.


Witness #2: When the waiter asked me what I wanted, I just said H2O too.


Witness #1: What? No, how are you the one interrogating me? Why would a waiter ever do that?


Witness #3: When the waiter came back out with the rebranded water, and sandwiches, I had ordered the day before, we both bowed our heads, but our thoughts were scattered.


Witness #2: I was first genuinely surprised when I started choking on the sandwich, even though I said I knew it was going to happen I didn’t think he was going to do it like that.


Witness #3: But she eventually coughed it out like a projectile right into the palms of my hands, as I got down to propose.


Witness #2: And I obv-


Witness #1: Who did it? Dave did. Why wasn’t that your first question?


Witness #2: Describe him? Well, he was wearing this long gothic trench coat.


Witness #3: He also had a scar running across his left cheek and eye.


Witness #2: Of course we knew him before this, if not for him we never would’ve met all those years back in the prison.


Witness #3: So that’s why I invited him to come and maybe get a few photos for our grandchildren, but I never thought he’d actually do what he did.


Witness #1: It’s my fault though. If not for my *sniffle*  he never would’ve done it.


Man Sued for Violating Section 18-55 of Little Rock’s Code of Ordinances Which States That “No person shall sound the horn on a vehicle at any place where cold drinks or sandwiches are served after 9pm.”


Man Sues Woman for Driving Around With a License Plate Stating “HONK IF YOU LOVE JESUS!” after 9:00 P.M.


Recently Engaged Prison Ministers Sues Fast-Food Restaurant for “Diamond-In-The-Sandwich Challenge” Safety Hazard


Multiple Fast-Food Restaurants sue Disney for Copyright Infringement


Disney sues Multiple Fast-Food Restaurants for Copyright Infringement