The Power of Satan

Anton LaVey once stated, “Satanism is not a white light religion; it is a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal- all of which are ruled by Satan, the personification of the Left Hand Path”(TOP). Satanism has become a widespread cult which spreads its ideas and beliefs through the Internet, causing disputes amongst other religions and cults in the World.
This interesting cult was founded in Walpurgisnacht by Anton LaVey on April 30,1996. He started to spread the Satanist teachings by doing weekly lectures during the spring of 1996. A publicist, Edward Webber, told him that he should form a church teaching the same values that he taught. Later that year, Anton LaVey formed the Church of Satan and wrote the Satanic Bible on 1969 (“Satanism”).
This cult is divided in two main groups. LaVeyan Satanism is a distinct group with atheists who rely on themselves rather than relying on an outside power. They believe that Satan and God are not actual human beings but a myth. They use Satan as a symbol of rebellion. They use this belief to rebel against other religious creeds. The Nine Satanic Statements, The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth, and The Nine Satanic Sins are three set of principles that act as a fundamental base for this group. Most of them have become psychopaths because they strongly believe on serving themselves first. These has brought them to commit several crimes such as: child abusement,rape, and the illegal selling of drugs (Beyer).
Theistic Satanists follow a variety of related beliefs; they honor symbols such as Satan. In contrast with the LaVeyan Satanists, they believe that Satan is an actual human being. They first introduced their beliefs through the Satanic Bible written in 1969, and then they later spread them amongst the Internet. In contrast with the LaVeyan Satanists, they promote Satan as their god of freedom, peace, success and strength (Beyer). Though they differ from the other group, they all follow the same god and focus on themselves rather than on others.
Most Satanists believe that Satan represents their nature. For them, Satan represents pride, liberty, and individualism which could be defined as Evil. These certain aspects of him have convinced many to declare him as their god. This idea, though, is only believed by some branches of this cult. Others follow the idea that all gods are fictional since they were created by humans beings. They decide to not follow those gods because they are externalized forms of their true creators. Most followers believe that they are their own “gods” because their beliefs are centered on themselves. They also agree with LaVey who mentions that they can share their love with others and their wrath with those that oppose them (Photo).
Satanism and Christianity are religions that have different beliefs. Satanists do not believe in the same Christian Satan. They do not believe that Satan fell from heaven and he did not fell to hell (Crabtree). Even so the Church of Satan and Christians Churches have some beliefs in common. They both disagree in the use of drugs. Satanists believe their followers should not perform an action that is illegal and Christians believe that drugs are wrong. They also share the same Golden Rule: Being kind to others. Finally, they both have a single deity. Satan represents a symbol for his followers; Jesus represents our Lord (19).
Evidently, Satanism is a cult that separates us from His ways and truth. Even so, it is important to understand their beliefs and values in order to best approach them and spread His gospel. We should not answer with violence but rather with patience and love. Through the use of scripture, we can share the good news of God. If they do not agree, we should not respond with outrage; instead we must understand their beliefs and use our fruits of the spirit and armor of God to attack the evil one and to defend ourselves from his flaming arrows.


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