Soccer Team Copa: Calasanz School Performance

The soccer team last year impressed everyone with their amazing performance at Copa Calasanz. Here they won two consecutive games; this placed them in first place at the beginning of this event.

Their first game against Colegio Divino Pastor ended with a  3-2 victory for NCA. During their second game, they  won 3-0; this paved a promising start for the NCA team which was managed by coach Leonid Saballos. The third game was against Colegio Calasanz; the tournament ended as 3-1, giving Calasanz the 1st place and placing NCA in 2nd place.The fourth game was against Colegio Larios; the scores were  3-2. It was almost a close victory by Colegio Larios. This placed the NCA soccer team in 3rd place for the cup.

As this event was coming close to an end, NCA needed one point to advance to the semifinals for the first time in a year, but their long time rival was in its way: the German school was coming back from a long break. The German school has consecutively won for three years, and they came ready to compete, stronger than they ever were. After they each scored three goals, which was very exciting, the German school scored three more points. The NCA boys lost 6-3 on the second half after an exciting and exhausting game, leaving them out of the competition. They were just three points behind second place.

This year we really got to see amazing games from our school, and we again experienced the excitement to see our school playing soccer and giving everything on the field. Although they were not able to win, a team made of mostly juniors and sophomores surely gave us hope for the upcoming years.

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