An Open Letter to Freshmen

Dear Freshman,
    Welcome to the first year of high school! You might feel nervous, but you don’t have to. We  all felt nervous on our first year as freshmen. The only things you need to do are: pay attention in class, do your homework, and study!
    If you want to get  good grades, you need to take notes when the teacher is teaching, review your notes and textbooks, study for the tests and quizzes at least two days before you take them, and remember to check your answers before you turn them in. It might help you if you do what I did: I read out loud because it helped me notice and understand every single detail, and this is important because some bonuses are hidden in there. But the most important thing is : DO MORE THAN YOUR BEST!
    My freshman year was awesome and I believe yours can be awesome too! But to be honest, I did some things that I regret, like sometimes wasting all my time online instead of learning. This can affect your grades, and then you’ll see it wasn’t really worth it. Therefore, remember that you must take your freshman year seriously. Think before you do anything, and ask God to guide you with important decisions.