Physics is a term that most people understand and fear.  Simply, it is “the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them (Physics).” Yet, what physicists actually do is something that people fail to comprehend. We merely picture them as isolated geniuses, working to unravel the mysteries of the universe through the use of complex mathematical equations.

Though, it is correct that they use math to understand the world we live in, we must also acknowledge that becoming a physicist is not an impossible objective. In fact, being a physicist can be a very rewarding job, offering a well-paid salary and many opportunities to choose from. The following are different branches of physics that people are involved in: biological physics, chemical physics, laser science, nuclear physics, polymer physics, and astrophysics (Sokanu). Also, majoring in physics, despite choosing another career like medicine or law, can be very rewarding since it has been shown that these individuals generally score higher in the entrance exams (Bailey).

In conclusion, becoming a physicist or majoring in physics can be  very rewarding, and it is definitely not an impossible goal to strive for. It’s just a matter of having a passion for such.

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