High School Retreat 17-18

This past week, many took part in this years annual youth group retreat. It was held around four hours aways at a relatively well known camp run by Vida Joven. The premise of this year’s retreat was the revival of NCA and those who teach and attend it. The main speakers in this event, Mr. Weigand, Mr. Rumley-Wells, Mr. House and Jen, did a fantastic job of delving into this topic and flushing out the various points NCA would have to undergo. As the key speakers explained, we must repent and be born again. Through this, we come to realize how great our sin is and how great our God’s forgiveness extends to forgive us this abundant of sin.

While the primary goal of this event was spiritual growth, the highlight for many were the games. The most popular of these games being body body. One of the most popular past times on this event, however, was the rec. room. This room included four billiard tables, two ping pong tables, and a multi purpose table. Each one was in constant use throughout the time of the retreat. In conclusion, as shown by the reflections of those who partook in this event, it was a very positive impact on the body as a whole. A special thanks to all those who took the time to organize and execute the events throughout the retreat.


photo creds: Matt House