Autobiography: Samantha Hakes


                                                                  Samantha Hakes Autobiography

        One might think that I should be a professional at writing autobiographies, being that I have easily written over fifty of them in my student-career. Quite to my dismay, however, I still struggle to find the words to write and the story to tell. A person’s life is, after all, more complex and intricate than a simple 500-word essay, double-spaced with size 12 font.  If I were to tell my whole life story, internally and externally, I’d be on every eco-friendly organization’s wanted list for killing too many trees. This autobiography, however, is a short one, so I’ll give you the cold, hard facts.

                          Fact: My full name is Samantha Rose Hakes.

                          Fact: I’m a senior in high school.

                          Fact: I plan on doing something productive after high school.

                          Fact: I don’t know what that productive something will be.

                          Fact: My hobbies include singing, drawing, sports, and writing.

                          Fact: I am indeed writing for Eagle Eye due to my previous expressed love of writing.

                          Fact: I am currently reading these facts in the voice of Dwight Schrute.

                          Fact: The previous fact flew right over many heads.     

        From these few, simple facts, one may be able to deduce some things about me, one of them being I love “The Office”.  Naturally, there’s a whole lot more to me than those statements, but I guess if one wants to know more, I’m only a lunch table away. Until then, enjoy this incredibly short autobiography

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