Assignment: Slideshow


Create a professional looking slideshow.

  1. In your Video Production folder, create a subfolder named Slideshow.
  2. Using an event from last semester, use a folder of pictures (My Network Places–>Classes–>Video Production) to make a slideshow.
  3. Include this in your Slideshow:
    • At least 20 pictures of your event
    • Each picture should have some animated panning or zooming on them.
    • Have a consistent use of transitions between each picture. (That means choose two or three that go well together.)
    • Add a title for the Slideshow (subtitles are optional).
    • Add short credits at the end of who made the video and who took the pictures, etc.
    • Add a background sound that goes with your slideshow.
    • Optional: Try to one use of the image effects (ex. insetting a photo into another photo).
    • Remember to make it look professional.
  4. Save the modified file.
  5. Click Make Movie and save it as an MPEG-2 type.