Pizza Order


Create a Pizza Order application that allows the user to generate an order. The application should allow the
user to select the size of the pizza (regular, large) and the toppings for the pizza (with at least six
choices), as well as provide pickup or delivery options. There should also be a place for the user to
enter a coupon discount. The application should display an order number that is automatically incremented
for each new order, calculate the total of the order as the options are being selected or deselected, and
clear the form for a new order when clicked. At startup the order form should display a default size of
regular and no toppings selected.

In addition, add three buttons to preset the options for a Vegetarian, Hawaiian, and Meat Lovers pizza.


Start by drafting the following written algorithms, written in
pseudocode. Submit your plan before beginning computer design.

  • Subroutine: CalculatePrice
  • Subroutine: NewOrder
  • cmdNew_Click()
  • cmdVegetarian_Click()
  • cmdHawaiian_Click()
  • cmdMeatLovers_Click()

Important features

  • Commented code
  • Proper indents
  • CalculatePrice subroutine calculates and displays price
  • NewOrder subroutine clears options and increments and displays counter
  • Call CalculatePrice subroutine when any part of order changes
  • Call NewOrder subroutine on Form_Load and for each new order
  • Order number counter, displayed in format “001”
  • One global variable (order number)


Size Toppings
Regular Pizza $9.50 Pepperoni $0.60
Large Pizza $11.50 Sausage $0.50
Ham $0.50
Delivery Mushrooms $0.30
Pickup No charge Onions $0.25
Delivery $1.50 Olives $0.20
Green peppers $0.20
Discount Pineapple $0.30
Discounts available with coupon. Extra cheese $0.45