Health Tips


Create an application that displays random tips on how to live a healthy
lifestyle. The first tip should be displayed when the program runs,
and a new tip chosen at random each time the user clicks the Tip
button. Write at least ten tips.


Start by drafting the following written algorithms, written in
pseudocode. Submit your plan before beginning computer design.

  • Subroutine: DisplayTip
  • cmdTip_Click()
  • cmdDone_Click()
  • Form_Load()

Important features

  • DisplayTip subroutine chooses random number and displays corresponding tip
  • Call DisplayTip in two locations
  • Random numbers initialized when program begins
  • Subroutine heading comment block
  • Proper indents, spacing, comments


Extra credit

Add code so that the same tips is never displayed twice in a row. Hint: Use the Static keyword before Sub to preserve variables in a procedure.