Boolean Logic Tester


Create an application that tests simple Boolean Logic expressions and displays either
True or False depending on the input values X and Y. Start by creating
a procedure named ShowResult that does the test using the values of the
option buttons and check boxes and displays the result in an output label.
Then, add the line Call ShowResult to Click event routine of
each option button and check box so that the result is immediately updated
when the input is changed.


Start by drafting the following written algorithm, written in
pseudocode. Submit your plan before beginning computer design.

  • Procedure: ShowResult()

Important features

  • ShowResult procedure accurately displays result
  • Click event on four controls contains “Call ShowResult”
  • Nested If…Else…End If statement
  • Proper indents, spacing, comments (include comment block on procedure)
  • Cancel property on Done button


Extra Credit

Add two more option buttons to test Boolean Logic expressions using the Xand and Xor operators. The truth tables are provided below.

X Y Result
T T False
T F True
F T True
F F False
X Y Result
T T True
T F False
F T False
F F True