Final Project


During the last few weeks of classes, each student will design his or her own final project in Visual Basic and display it to the school.

Project Steps

  1. Propose a final project. Choose a project idea. You may search the Internet for ideas or come up with one on your own. Try making a game or a program that would help someone. Type your project proposal in Microsoft Word and print it. Sketch any form designs you have on the bottom or back. Due Wednesday, May 11.
  2. Build your program. Once your project has been approved, you may begin working on it in Visual Basic. Utilize as many of the skills that we have learned throughout the year as possible and appropriate. As a guideline, your program should be working by Monday, May 23.
  3. Bullet-proof your program. Make your program easy to use and impossible to crash. It should be user-friendly and support both keyboard and mouse. Include directions if necessary. Your program should be completely done by Friday, May 27.
  4. Explain your program. Our final exam will require you to type a description of your program and explain how it works in detail. You will be able to have your program open as a reference, but will need to work alone. Although you may prepare yourself for this step before the exam, you must write the entire explanation during the exam period.
  5. Display your program. When your program is done, you will compile it and publish it so that other students at NCA can try it out. We will compile your program on Friday, May 27.


This project will be worth 100 points, and the final exam will be worth 10% of your semester grade.


To see what other students in past years have done for their final projects, open the following folder. You may use these projects to inspire you to other programs or significantly improved projects, but may not make the same programs.